Samsung Front Screen Replacement Pricing List

Samsung Front Screen – Winnipeg Best Cellphone Repair Service

Damaged your front screen and want to know the price before booking in for a repair? Click on the below drop down menus to find out the front screen repair price for your Samsung phoneOnce you have found the screen replacement price click here to book a repair with Giant Panda Technology – Best Computer & Cellphone Repair Service in Winnipeg

Please Note: The repair price will be finalized once a technician at the service centre completes a full assessment of the device. You will be contacted if the repair price differs from the estimate provided. This pricing list is based on Canadian variant Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and require further support click here to get in touch with us.

The out-of-warranty prices apply only to repairs made by Giant Panda Technology – Original Quality parts, with GPT’s Warranty.

All installation follow Samsung Service Protocol, 100% original Samsung Parts, come with 90 days warranty. Some of the screen needs to be ordered.

Samsung Galaxy S Series
Parts Only (Come with Frame)
Screen repair (out of warranty)
Galaxy S20 Ultra CA$ 335 CA$ 405
Galaxy S20 Plus CA$ 304 CA$ 374
Galaxy S20 5G CA$ 268 CA$ 333
Galaxy S20 FE CA$ 253 CA$ 313
Galaxy S10 Plus CA$ 274 CA$ 334
Galaxy S10 CA$ 269 CA$ 324
Galaxy S10e Please Contact Please Contact
Galaxy S9 Plus CA$ 205 CA$ 258
Galaxy S9 CA$ 191 CA$ 243
Galaxy S8 Plus CA$ 203 CA$ 253
Galaxy S8 CA$ 166 CA$ 216
Galaxy S7 Edge CA$ 152 CA$ 202
Galaxy S7 CA$ 120 CA$ 170
Galaxy S6 CA$ 122 CA$ 172
Samsung Galaxy Note Series
Parts Only (Come with Frame)
Screen repair (out of warranty)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra CA$ 416 CA$ 486
Galaxy Note 20 Please Contact Please Contact
Galaxy Note 10 Plus CA$ 365 CA$ 435
Galaxy Note 10 CA$ 324 CA$ 394
Galaxy Note 9 CA$ 233 CA$ 293
Galaxy Note 8 CA$ 209 CA$ 259
Galaxy Note 5 CA$ 115 CA$ 162
Samsung Galaxy A Series
Parts Only (Come with Frame)
Screen repair (out of warranty)
Galaxy A71 2020 CA$ 184 CA$ 234
Galaxy A51 2020 CA$ 174 CA$ 224
Galaxy A21 2020 CA$ 152 CA$ 202
Galaxy A11 2020 CA$ 90 CA$ 140
Galaxy A70 2019 CA$ 160 CA$ 210
Galaxy A50 2019 CA$ 125 CA$ 175
Galaxy A20 2019 CA$ 121 CA$ 171
Galaxy A10E 2019 CA$ 86 CA$ 136
Galaxy A10 2019 CA$ 83 CA$ 133
Galaxy A10s 2019 CA$ 80 CA$ 130
Galaxy A8 Please Contact Please Contact
Galaxy A5 Please Contact Please Contact
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