Basic Computer Services – What to Do When a Program is Not Responding


Suppose you are finishing an important paperwork. The computer suddenly hangs. No matter how you drag the mouse, or slam the keyboard, the computer just would not respond. Worse, restarting the PC can never be a viable and logical option because you have not saved your work. You may lose everything you have worked for along with other important files and data in your computer. What should you do to emerge out of this stressful situation?

Obviously, in such a case, the PC is not responding appropriately as it should do. You could not just sit there and wait for it to finally respond to your commands. It may take forever. The best thing to do is to immediately seek expert assistance. The computer repair technician could certainly easily assist you out of the situation, preventing any data or program loss. He could also make the program respond instantly and recommend ways to prevent the same occurrence from happening again in the future.

There is surely a great need to fix any computer program that is not responding. You surely would not want to subject yourself to too much stress and anxiety. To get out of a current and urgent situation, computer services from an expert are the answer. However, the measure should not stop there. You should invest in preventive initiatives so the same problems will never happen again, ever.

To begin with, it will be appropriate if the main cause of the non-responding computer application could be identified. Most common reasons include corrupt applications, problems with Windows’ operation and conflicts over resources. The easiest to deal with is a corrupt computer program. Usually, the problem could be staved off by re-installing the affected computer program.

Problems with Windows’ operations and conflicts over resources could be very difficult to deal with. Often, there is a need to seek professional help when non responding programs occur caused by these reasons. Getting off may not be as simple as re-installing the computer program. There is a need to do more than that, like reformatting, tuning up and de-fragmenting. Your computer’s working operating system may already be too bloated, making the system work unresponsively or slowly.

You may also download and install a computer optimization tool that would intentionally and successfully scour the PC’s registry. Doing so could eliminate and alleviate causes that may practically lead to freezing, hanging and crashing. PC optimization tools also drastically improve and boost the machine’s speed and overall performance. Downloading could be very easy, fast and convenient. There are simple online downloads, which would not require too much effort and cost.


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