How To Fix 2350 Installer Errors – Working Method To Fix The 2350 Error On Your PC


The 2350 error is a problem which shows on Windows computers whenever you attempt to install a piece of software onto your PC. The error itself is caused by your computer being unable to read a particular “cabinet” file that Windows requires to run, meaning that the problem is either going to be caused by the installation file or some settings with Windows. If you want to resolve the issue, you need to be able to ensure that all possible causes of the problem are fixed, which can be done by following the steps outlined below.

What Causes The 2350 Error?

This error will normally show in this format:

  • Error 2350 Cannot locate source file

The problem is that because Windows needs to read a large number of files & settings whenever it installs a program, any damaged or unreadable file will prevent your system from being able to run correctly. More specifically, the error is caused by your system being unable to read a certain “.cab” file. CAB (cabinet) files are used to package a large number of other files for installation purposes. Whenever you install a program on your PC, Windows will open up the cabinet file and then proceed to put all the other files inside it into various folders on your system. The problem your PC has is, for whatever reason, file it needs to run is not readable.

How To Fix The 2350 Error

The error you have on your PC is actually quite easy to fix. The first step is to ensure that the installation is working correctly, which can be done by first repairing the damaged disc or downloading a new version of the installation program to your system. It’s a common problem that Windows computers will somehow damage or corrupt the installation application they require to run, making it essential you’re able to obtain a new copy, or clean any scratches off the CD. You may also want to extract all the installation files from the CD / media you are using and then place them onto the hard drive of your system.

The recommended fix for the 2350 error is to then use a ‘registry cleaner’ program to fix any of the errors and problems that Windows may also have inside the registry database. This is a large storage database for all the files and settings which your computer will use to run, and is used continually to help save a large number of settings to your system when you are installing a program. If you are seeing the 2350 error, it could because your computer has registry errors which are preventing it from loading up correctly. To fix this, you can fix the errors and problems that Windows has inside by using a registry cleaner program.


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