How To Fix Runtime Error 1004 On Your PC – Repair Microsoft Office 1004 Error Fast & Easy


Runtime error 1004 is mainly caused by your system being unable to correctly copy & paste a series of data. The issue will generally affect Microsoft Office, but can occur on any application which uses a lot of data, and can be quite difficult to resolve if you don’t know the specific cause of the problem. Fortunately, you can fix the 1004 runtime error quite easily by using the steps outlined in this tutorial, which include correcting a part of any Office Macros you are using, as well as cleaning out an important part of the Windows system.

Runtime error 1004 will generally show in this format when you are trying to use various data functions in programs on your PC:

  • “Runtime error 1004: Copy method of Range Class Failed.”
  • “Runtime error 1004: Paste method of worksheet class failed.”

The basic reason for this error showing is all down to the way in which you are trying to use a number of different data functions on your system – which are not working correctly and consequently cause your PC to crash. If you see this error with Microsoft Excel, it generally means that you either have a problem with the function / feature you’re trying to use, or have an issue with the actual software on your system.

The way to fix this error is to first correct the Microsoft Excel macro which may be causing your computer to run unreliably. “Macros” are used widely in the Office system to help your computer perform a repetitive task in exactly the same way each time. If you use one of these macro features in Microsoft Excel, then the problem is likely that you’re either trying to copy too much data or are trying to copy an entire row of data, which is overloading your system and consequently leading to the 1004 error. To ensure this problem is not an issue, you should refine the macro you’re using to only deal with the data in the worksheet.

It’s also recommended you fix the error you’re seeing with a “registry cleaner”. These are software programs which scan through your system and repair the various issues that Windows has inside. Registry cleaner tools are highly popular online because they are able to repair a large number of files, settings and options that continually cause Windows to crash and show errors. One of the most effective ways to fix the 1004 error is to use a registry cleaner tool to fix any of the potential problems that Windows has inside – which can be done by downloading a registry repair tool to your system, installing it and then letting it scan your computer for problems.


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