MSNCon32 DLL Error Fix Tutorial – How To Repair MSNCon32 DLL Errors On Your PC


Msncon32.dll is a file used by Microsoft Office Outlook to help load up the “Microsoft Office Outlook Connector” plugin for your PC. This allows your software tools to “connect” with the features & files which Outlook has, allowing for the likes of address book integration and “mail merge” functions to be used in software tools. Although many people who Outlook will have not heard of the “Outloone Connector Plugin”, the fact is that it’s actually the cause of a lot of common Windows errors, and is why msncon32.dll errors are appearing on your system.

The errors you have caused by msncon32.dll include:

“The Add-in ‘Outlook Connector Extensions’ (msncon32.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook.”

This error is generally caused by a number of different problems, including the likes of the actual msncon32.dll file being missing / corrupted… and your computer being unable to correctly read the Outlook application. If you have this problem, you need to first ensure that the msncon32.dll file is readable, and then that your software is also working well.

The way to fix msncon32 errors is to first ensure that your PC has all the files it needs to run the “Outlook Connector Plugin”. To do this, install (or re-install) the plugin onto your system and then you may also want to “repair” the installation of Office that your computer has as well. On top of that, it’s also recommended that you place a new version of the msncon32 file onto your computer from the Internet. This will allow your PC to correctly read the file again, giving you the best possibility that your system can read the file again.

You should also clean out the registry of your system by using a “registry cleaner”. The registry of your PC is a central database which stores all the settings & options that your computer uses to run, allowing it to recall the likes of your desktop wallpaper and even your msot recent emails. Although the registry is highly important, it’s continually causing a number of errors on Windows, making it vital that you clean out this part of your system to ensure that the msncon32 files’s settings are all intact. This can be done by downloading a registry cleaner, installing it and then letting it remove all the errors on your system.


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