Say No to Runtime Error R6002 – How to Fix Runtime Error R6002 in an Easy Way


When using computers, you might have come across messages like Runtime Error R6002. Once this error pops up, the computer freezes or hangs up giving you a hard time. But there is nothing to panic or to get frustrated as errors are commonly seen with computers.

The Runtime Error R6002 reads as “floating support not loaded”. The computer can come across such runtime errors because of some problems in the registry. The Computer may also show errors if there is any problem with the loading or removal of software applications. The error can also happen if the computer is attacked by viruses like Trojan Horse or Malware.

When such an error pops up in the screen, the first thing a user does is to take the computer to the engineer. This is because many of the users are unaware of the causes of this error and how to solve them. Although it is really very simple to solve Runtime Error R6002, it is no way to spend so much money to solve the problem in this way.

The first thing you have to do is to identify the files or programs that have caused the error. If errors happen while installing or removing a software applications, the computer may hang up and show runtime error R6002. The first thing to do is to remove the applications that have caused the error. Once the affected application has been deleted completely, you can install a new version of the application, which will not give you any worries in the future. However, for most of time, software applications can not be removed completely if done it manually and remaining information will be left in the registry. When the new version software application is installed, the conflict would occur between new file and remaining file in registry.

Most runtime errors are related to the problems in registry. It can be tiresome for cleaning the registry manually. Only an expert or a person who has some knowledge of the registry can deal with registry cleaning. Even if you are not a computer expert, there is nothing to worry as you can come across a professional registry cleaning software which cleans the corrupted registry files in no time. Another advantage of using the registry cleaning software is that you will not lose any valuable data.


Source by Ruimin Huang

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