WdLog DLL Error Repair Tutorial – How To Repair WdLog DLL Errors On Your PC


Wldlog.dll is a dynamic link library file developed by Microsoft for use in the logging processes of Windows Live Desktop. This highly important file is also crucial to the operation of Windows Live Messenger. This error is typically a result of Windows tagging the wldlog.dll file as either corrupted or missing. Unless you fix the errors in this file, you would not be able to properly use Windows Live Messenger. This tutorial will teach you the various ways on how you can repair the wldlog.dll error in your system.

What Causes WldLog.dll Errors?

Errors in the dll file are basically caused by Windows’ failure to load or read the said file, due to it being damaged or inadvertently misplaced. Other likely causes of this error are defects in the registry and problems in the Windows Live Messenger application. To rid your PC of this error, you need to address the issues that are causing it to manifest in your system. This tutorial will help you go about doing this.

How To Fix WldLog.dll Errors

What you need to do first when you have this error in your system is to identify the variables that are causing it to manifest. Defective applications are known causes of the wldlog.dll error. In such cases, you need to re-install these guilty programs and replace them with new versions. When reinstalling damaged programs, you need to first click on Start on your Windows Bar. Following this, choose Control Panel then select Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features. A list of programs would then populate on your screen, from which you need to choose the problematic application in your PC. Remove this application by clicking on the Remove or Uninstall tab. Next, follow the uninstall instructions that would be flashed on your screen. After the program has been successfully removed from your computer, refresh your settings by restarting your PC. After this, install a fresh copy of the application in your PC by inserting a CD installer in your computer’s CD/DVD drive.

WLDLog.dll errors are also caused by the “registry” of Windows. This sector in your PC stores settings and files, some of which are essential, while most are redundant. The data stored in your registry accumulates the more you use your computer, especially if you heavily use the Internet, since most websites contain cookies that leave files in your registry. Applications also contribute to this problem, by placing add-in files in your registry that do not go away by themselves. Useless settings and files in this sector of your PC only slows down your computer, causing applications or programs to crash and errors to surface. To clean up your registry of unnecessary files, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is a program that is specially designed to scan and remove redundant settings in your system.


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