What Is an NFO File? Find Out What It Is and How to Open It


What is an .nfo file and Why Can’t I Open It?

The name is short for “Information” or “Information File.” Either way, their use may be different in certain situations. If you are unsure how to open one, and you just double click it, you may get an error stating something about “System Information,” hence the word nfo, meaning info, or information.

This is because Windows is using the wrong program to open the file.

NFO files (named such because of their.nfo file extension) are typically just text documents that contain instructions. Sometimes they can get a bad wrap for being associated with pirated software and other content. However nfo files are in no way illegal nor do they necessarily have to do with any type of activity. Since the file is just a text file (or.txt file) it is nothing more than words.

So how do I open this NFO file?

You will want to open the file with notepad or wordpad. Notepad and wordpad are both included with Windows. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Right click the nfo file
  2. Select “Open With”
  3. Choose “Choose Program”
  4. Select Wordpad or Notepad (Wordpad will give better formatting)

How does Windows Remember What to Open These Files With?

The way that Windows knows how to open a certain file for use is called “File Association.” When file association gets messed up, files have issues opening! Luckily nfo files can be opened by any standard text editor, but sometimes other files have messed up associations and Windows does not know how to open them!

The information about file associations is stored in the very complex hierarchy of settings known as the Windows Registry. This is a very detailed set of instructions and settings that tell Windows how to operate. Some of these settings are for file association and can alter what programs Windows uses to open files.

Editing the registry can be a daunting and somewhat dangerous task. Editing it is not suggested unless you are experienced or feel comfortable enough with the settings to make changes. Making changes to it can make your computer completely unusable. Having quality software that can fix and manage file extensions, and protect them from further errors is the easiest and safest solution. The website WindowsCan’tOpenThisFile.com can help you find quality software that will repair and fix.nfo files and other file associations. Answer many questions like what is an nfo file? How to open a document? and many other questions.


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