"Wininet DLL Not Found" Error Fix – Repair Wininet DLL Errors And Stop Them For Good


Wininet.dll is a file used by Windows to help a lot of its software tools to connect to the Internet. Although this file is extremely important online, it’s also continually causing a lot of errors for your PC, mainly due to the fact that the file is either damaged, corrupted or unreadable. To ensure that there are no Wininet.dll errors on your system, you need to be able to fix the errors which are causing it to show – which can either be done by replacing the file on your PC, or by using a registry cleaner tool to fix the errors on Windows. Here’s exactly what to do to fix the “Wininet.dll Not Found” error:

The Wininet.dll error can either be caused by the file itself not being readable, or your Windows system not being able to correctly process the file. More specifically, the main cause of the error is down to Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome trying to use corrupted or incomplete “AutoComplete” data. This data will not only prevent your PC from being able to use the AutoComplete function, but will corrupt the Wininet.dll file – leading to the errors you’re seeing. In order to fix the Wininet.dll problem, you need to make sure that your computer has the files and settings it requires to correctly read the file, which will prevent the error you’re seeing from continually showing on your PC.

The first step to fixing Wininet errors is to first fix the Internet Explorer settings which are currently corrupting the Wininet.dll file on your PC. You need to click onto Internet Explorer and then to Tools > Internet Options and then disable the “AutoComplete” feature. This will stop your system from using the feature that’s causing the Wininet.dll error in the first place, which should theoretically fix the error for you. On top of that, it’s also recommended you replace the Wininet.dll file on your PC with one from the Internet, which will basically allow your system to correctly read the file again.

The second step to fixing Wininet.dll is to clean out all the errors that the “registry” may have on your PC. The registry is a central database which all Windows computers store the settings and options they need to run, and is continually being used to help your computer load the likes of your desktop wallpaper and even your most recent emails. The registry has been a big cause of DLL errors for Windows PCs because of the way it stores a large list of DLL files on your system. This list stores all the settings your computer requires to run, and is how the likes of your software tools and other parts of your computer are able to read all the DLL files they require. Unfortunately, the registry is continually becoming damaged & corrupted – leading your computer to run much slower and with a lot of errors. The Wininet error is often caused by registry problems, meaning that if you want to fix the problem on your system, it’s recommended you download a registry cleaner tool to do it.


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