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Choosing a Good Technician

Ok, so you turned your computer on today, it made a few creaks and squeeks, then after about five minutes, you are finally at your desktop screen with a picture of the kids splashing in the water at Disney world. Now about 2 minutes later, the start button shows up and your icons begin to pop up one at a time. This doesn’t bother you all that much because you have been doing it for quite some time. But today has a different plan… About 30 minutes into you checking the weather and your email, you see a blue screen with white letters saying to call someone who can help. Oh No!

Now the last time you called someone out, the guy was a bit greasy, smelly, and had big glasses. But he talked a good talk (or so you figured since he used words like dumaflotchy and duhickey). So you figured he had taken good care of your computer. Once he leaves, you get on your computer, and hey! It’s pretty fast… until you reboot it the next day… back to the same sludge. You then call him up and say that you thought the computer wasn’t really fixed, and he says..”Well you must have downloaded something after I left that made it go back” and he tells you good luck!

Here are a few points to remember for this time.

1. As you are looking up names in the phone book, look for Company Names, not Tim’s Computers or AA Computer Geeks of Frog Hill’s Resort and Spa County. Look for reputable names.

2. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a computer that is still working, but crippled, then go online and lookup their website. If it looks like it was designed 10 years ago, DON’T USE THEM!

3. Once you have them on the phone, explain your issue in full detail and ask the person on the phone what they think it is. Sometimes you have to leave the receptionist and go to a technician, that is fine! Once you get a response, write a couple of notes about their response along with the name of the tech and company name. After you make 3-4 calls, you will see a trend of answers. If you call 4 and 3 give pretty much the same answer, and the last gives a way different one.. then that company is out

4. Once you have those results. Take the one who broke things down in to layman’s terms the best. The reason you want that one is because they can explain things after the repair in a way that you actually might understand! The reason you want that, is now you may be equipped to keep it from happening.

Hopefully these tips can help you not get “HoodGeeked”!

Source by David Dischler

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