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How to Prevent Computer Viruses

To protect and to serve should be the motto for Internet Security Software. More often than not, when working on Marietta computer repair, I get calls from new customers who have been infected by viruses. Computer viruses are small programs designed to interfere with the way your computer works and to spread onto other computers. Some viruses will corrupt and even delete data or erase everything on your computer and send emails to spread it to other computers. An email attachment is one of the first places viruses get spread in the form of funny images, greeting cards, audio files, video files, and even Microsoft Office files. Downloads from some websites can be hidden in illicit software or files or programs one might download. Other methods may include clicking on certain links on a web site.

One cannot avoid surfing the internet or getting emails so it is essential to keep your computer current with the latest updates and antivirus tools to reduce the threat of viruses. Be wary of attachments that you download from emails. Even emails from family and friends can have viruses. Make sure your anti virus software has the ability to scan attachments before they are downloaded onto your system. There are thousands of websites with free games and software utilities. Running security software on your computers will help protect your work and private data from viruses, spyware, and other security threats.

Some good Internet security products which include firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, email scanning and real time protection are available from AVG, Symantec’s, Norton, McAfee, and Trend Micro. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to ensure these products have up-to-date virus definition with daily update checking and scanning taking place. Additionally, the operating system files need to be updated as well to ensure any known vulnerabilities are removed.

Once a virus makes it to your computer, removing it and preventing future infections is more important than how it got there or the type of virus. To this end, an excellent computer repair service can eradicate viruses and get your system up and running again. The process can take several hours depending on how severely infected a system has gotten. Some computers are plagued with viruses and in most cases it is possible to recover from them. A reputable repair company with a proven track record may need to perform, on some occasions, a complete re-installation of the operating system and applications. This can be necessary because the damage done to the system can be so great that cleaning the computer of these viruses essentially cripples the operating system.

Source by Noel Aguirre

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