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How to Repair ActiveX Errors

ActiveX is just a fancy name for software add-ons that are used in your internet browser. The are used to add functionality to your browser by adding software like video, toolbars, widgets and other applications.

ActiveX components are really helpful but if you have too many running at the same time they slow down your PC and clutter up your PC registry. If a particular component is notfunctioning the way it is intended to do, you need to repair ActiveX by following certain procedures.

ActiveX are software packages that are executed based on your browser privileges. Usually your internet browser will protect your computer from the user running any ActiveX components, but you can fine tune the settings based on your security needs. For most users it is advisable to keep the internet browser settings on default, as running ActiveX from an unknown source can crash your computer.

Tips and Tricks to Repair ActiveX Controls

One of the reasons for the computer to slow down is the number of entries getting updated in the windows registry from various ActiveX codes, resulting in confusion and impacting the performance of the computer.

This results in errors while browsing the Web, as similar ActiveX components may be present in the registry causing disorder, and you may need to seek professional help to repair ActiveX entries in the system registry.

One of the methods to overcome this problem is to clean up the windows registry from dangerous ActiveX. But cleaning the system registry is not any easy task and accidentally deleting any correct entries might make the system unusable. Hence it is advisable to take proper backup of the system registry before editing the registry manually.

If you are not well educated on repairing your windows registry, one of the easiest ways to repair ActiveX errors is to use a registry repair tool. Registry repair software programs are designed to help identify unused ActiveX entries by scanning the system registry and removing them. These software programs are the fastest and easiest way to clean your registry and often give better results than manual cleaning your registry.

Another option is to call your neighborhood PC repair pros. There are usually local companies who specialize in computer repair and will charge you for registry repair. You can check to see if they have yearly maintenance plans.

The fastest and safest option is to use a registry cleaning software program to clean your malfunctioning ActiveX controls out of your system so it will run properly.

Source by Brian Gladwell

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