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My Computer Shuts Down Randomly

If your computer is shutting down randomly, it’s likely a problem that’s caused with your Windows system & the hardware your PC will be using to run. It’s often the case that a Windows system will generate errors & problems, but if you’re experiencing an actual shut down of your system, the fact is that there will be some sort of serious problem that’s leading the issue to occur. Fortunately, we’ve been able to identify the common culprits of a computer that randomly shuts down, and have now created this tutorial to resolve the problems for good.

What Causes Random Computer Shutdowns?

The random shutdowns you’re experiencing will be caused by a range of potential problems on your PC, including everything from your PC not having enough files / settings to run properly, as well as having hardware issues. Here are some of the common reasons why Windows will shut down:

  • Your PC will be overheating
  • Your system will have problems with its Windows settings
  • Windows will be outdated or corrupted

How To Repair Random Computer Shutdowns

The way to resolve the problem you’re seeing is to basically stop your computer from having the various problems & errors that it will have:

The first step you have is to stop your PC from overheating. All computers run like lightbulbs – in that they have electric current running through them, causing them to run hot. The reason why your PC makes a loud noise is because it has fans inside designed to keep it cool… and it’s unfortunately the case that your system will become overheated (either through overuse or poor ventilation), meaning that if you’re seeing the random shutdowns, it’s likely that your PC will be running too hot. To fix this problem, you should position a desk fan pointing at your PC and let it blow cool air at it. If this resolves the problem, you should get a computer repair specialist to add some more cooling components to your system.

The second step to stop the random crashes is to ensure that your computer is able to read all the features & options of Windows. To do this, you should update your system by clicking onto “Start > All Programs > Windows Update” and then downloading all of the updates that your computer will be using to run. This should ensure that your computer is able to process any of the applications it requries to run – boosting its speed & reliability as a result.

Finally, you should also clean out the registry of Windows. This is one of the most important steps in stopping the random crashes, as it will allow your PC to read all the settings & options that it requires to run, allowing your computer to run much smoother as a result. The registry database is a central location for your computer, where all the important settings & options for your computer are kept, with everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails being stored inside there. If your computer has any problems with its registry database, it will behave in some very strange ways, making it vital that you fix any of the registry errors your system may have by downloading & running a registry cleaner program.

Source by Greg Toddles James

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