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Slow Computer Fix – How Do Do I Fix My Slow PC Quickly

If the computer is fairly new, then the registry is not yet filled with invalid entries or corruption and it runs OK. However, as you add and remove programs and applications, as well as hardware, it will start to get corrupted slowly and eventually you will need a slow computer fix.

Even after just a half a year has passed, the registry would already be starting to experience problems. Frequent removal and addition of programs during those six months will add to the junk that is currently in the registry. It is by this time that the corrupt registry will start to produce errors and steps are now needed to fix these registry errors.

To further understand how the registry becomes corrupted, here is an explanation in simple terms. The registry is the database of all Windows computers. It is where the important settings and information are stored. When new software is installed, the entries are written into the registry. The same goes for hardware since it also uses software to be installed into the computer.

If any of the installed software and hardware are uninstalled, entries are left in the registry. These entries become invalid because the program that left the entries is not there anymore. This is what makes the registry corrupted.

Another cause is not shutting down the computer properly and also when the computer is infected with malware and spyware. Both of these can corrupt the registry.

A corrupt registry can be quite tricky. It will not tell the computer owner directly that it is causing all the errors. However, it will give frustrating hints that you will likely notice. PC sluggishness is just the start. Here are the signs of a corrupt registry:

Errors like Active X warnings

Freezing or hanging of programs and applications

Programs take time to load

Slow startup

Frequent system crashes

Automatic rebooting and restarting of computer

Poor PC performance

Computer won’t even start up at all

Blue Screen of Death

As you can see, the errors brought about by a corrupt registry are numerous and also dangerous. It can leave potential damage on the computer if not taken care of. It’s simple enough to understand. With a clean registry, you get good PC performance and with a corrupt registry you get poor PC performance and to prevent this you need a slow computer fix.

Fixing this with a system and registry scanner will not take up too much of your time and all it takes is just a few clicks. Some registry cleaners can also be set up so that it automatically cleans the registry before it accumulates invalid entries. Just by doing this simple procedure, you are able to speed up the performance of your computer and keep errors at bay.

If malware or spyware is causing your computer to run slow you need to fix it quickly before it does real damage and the easiest way to do this is by using the steps here to speed up your computer.

Source by James Randell

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