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Slow Computer Fix – Optimise Your Windows Computer and Speed it Up in Minutes

There are many reasons your computer may be running slow. One of the biggest causes for this is registry errors and trying to fix these by hand can cause windows to stop working.

The solution is to run a free registry scan and clean and fix any registry errors with a registry cleaner. Using the right cleaner can make the difference between a PC that runs fast and a PC that constantly crashes and freezes.

A registry cleaner repairs errors in the windows registry that can cause windows to fail to start. These errors can be entries for programs and hardware that are no longer on your PC, corrupt or damaged entries that slow your PC, or adware and spyware hiding in the registry and creating havoc with windows.

You can fix all these errors in just a couple of steps without any knowledge of the registry or how it works by following the steps here and this will speed your computer up and stop it crashing and freezing.

1. Go to the windows control panel and open add and remove programs. From there uninstall any programs you do not use. Many programs use memory when they are not in use. Windows loads them on start up and they also add entry after entry to the registry slowing down your PC further.

2. Run a free registry Scan on your PC. This will uncover any registry errors that are slowing down your PC or causing it to crash and will also find anything in there that shouldn’t be, such as entries for adware.

All these errors can be fixed in minutes with the click of a mouse and will speed your PC up and stop it crashing and freezing.

Source by David S Marshall

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