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Want to Speed Up Your PC Performance? Recovering Your Computer’s Registry Will Do This

If you feel that your computer is running slower than usual, and it is starting to annoy and irritate you, instead grumbling and getting all heated up over your PC’s performance try these three simple steps.

One, do see if you have a virus or spyware infection by running the full scan of your security software. It could be slowing down because of a threat or several threats in your computer. Now, if the computer fails to speed up to its original specs, then you have confirmation of a registry problem.

Two, back up your files. However, if you have a reliable Windows Registry software like RegCure, simply check for if your registry back up is current. If not, schedule a registry back up using the RegCure.

There are several ways of backing up your registry depending on your Operating System. For example, Windows 2000, 2003, and the XP O/S start by clicking on Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Backup. The Wizard box should be able to help you after that. If there is a problem, just use your Windows CD to install the Back Up feature. Remember to back up only your System State Data.

With Vista, go to Start/Control Panel/System/System Protection. Select your Restore Point and then click on the crate. If you want to restore your back up, go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Follow the easy instructions that will appear after.

Once you have done the back up or made sure that the registry backup is current, then you can proceed to fix your Windows Registry. Be warned that doing this on manual mode is extremely risky, and you could easily cause a system crash with one flick of your finger on the wrong button. This is why a Windows Registry software is recommended by experts and computer geeks.

Source by Jeff Farley

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