Have Peace Of Mind With GPT’s Warranty

Never Pay For The Same Hardware Repair Again. (Warranty Is Void If The Part We Replace Has Physical Damage — See Below For Details).

Our Warranty Policy

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY for All iPhone Screen Replacement
  • 90 Days Warranty (Smartphone & Tablet Hardware Repairs with parts replacement beside iPhone)
  • 6-Month (Battery Replacement) See more information below.
  • 30-Day (Board Repair)
  • 30-Day (Software Repair)
  • No warranty on water cleaning services (with the exception of the parts we replace).
  • No fix, no fee guarantee.
  • Warranty is void if there is physical damage, including liquid damage.

  • We offer a six-months warranty on battery replacements due to the nature of the electronic component’s life-span. The lifespan of a battery is dependent on how often the device is used, what functions you are performing on your device (i.e, gaming Vs texting), and how you charge your device (i.e., as per manufacturer’s recommendations).
  • If the performance of your battery doesn’t improve after we have replaced your battery, we will try another battery in case the one we install is defective. If the problem persists immediately after the battery is changed for the second time, it’s likely another issue (i.e., board problem), and you will be refunded 100% through our no fix, no fee service — if you bring back your old battery, which will be given to you at the time of the original repair.

  • The exact hardware component we replace.
    • Example: If we replace the charge port on your smartphone and the battery isn’t charging due to a port issue, we will replace the charge port free of charge under our lifetime warranty program. However, if we replace the charge port on your phone and it isn’t charging because the battery is dead, the battery replacement will not be covered under warranty.
  • The functionality of the part we replace but not our labour.
    • Example: If the touch screen stops working and there is no physical damage to the glass or LCD, we will replace the screen free of charge under our LIFETIME warranty program. Or, if the screen is lifting after it has been replaced, we will re-secure the screen under warranty if there is no physical damage to the device.

GPT’s LIFETIME hardware repair warranty DOES NOT COVER:

  • Warranty is void if there is any physical damage to the part we replace such as broken glass or a damaged LCD
    • Example: The glass on your screen is cracked or the LCD has been damaged due to a drop or pressure applied to the screen. When an LCD goes black and the glass is not broken, the LCD may have been damaged due to impact, shock, or pressure applied to the screen. This can happen at times due to protection (i.e., tempered glass/phone case) that absorbs some shock — preventing glass to break but not the LCD. Protection reduces the risk of a break significantly but nothing eliminates it completely. In these situations, our technician will examine the screen for any sign of impact in order to determine the warranty. If there is no sign of impact that we can demonstrate to you, we will replace the screen under warranty. Please see the bottom of this page for more information on a damaged LCD. 
  • Screen replacement warranty is void on devices that experience screen burns out.
    • Screen burn out, or ghost imaging, are the names given to permanent discolouration of a screen caused by irregular pixel usage. For example, the prolonged use of static images on a screen can create a permanent shadow or a ghost-like image on the screen.
  • Warranty is void if the part we replaced doesn’t function due to liquid damage. 
  • We warranty the functionality of the part we replace during a water/liquid damage repair, but we do not warranty other parts of the phone that may not work overtime (i.e., board).
    • Example. If we replace the camera on your phone that was damaged due to liquid, we will warranty the camera under our lifetime warranty program. However, if the chip on the board that operates the camera function stops working, after a repair, we cannot warranty the board, but we can perhaps fix the board issue. Please see below for more information on water/liquid damaged devices.
  • Warranty is void If the device has been repaired, or attempted to be repaired, by any individual or company other than the Giant Panda Technology… after the Giant Panda Technology has completed the repair.



  • Touch IC – 30-Day.
  • Power Management Chip – 30-Day.
  • Audio IC- 30-Day.
  • Tristar Repair – no warranty (the continued success of this repair is dependent on your use of an original Apple charge cable Vs the success of the actual repair work that was done.)

IMPORTANT: If possible, it’s critical to back up data on your device prior to processing with board work, as board work can sometimes be extremely difficult, and although the risk is very small (less than 5%), there is potential for the device to not power on again if the board work was not successful. Our contract engineer has a 99% success rate.


  • Software fixes have a 30-day warranty as long as the software issue is the same as the original issue we fixed, and only if the device has not been manipulated after our repair.
  • If the same software problem reoccurs within the 30-day warranty period we will try the fix again, and if unsuccessful, we will refund you. If we fix the same issue the second time and the problem reoccurs again within the 30-day warranty period, we will refund you, and not try the fix again.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can save your data during a software fix — in fact, assume we cannot. If possible, back up your data before bringing in your device.
  • Your phone may not turn back on if the technician is unsuccessful with the software repair attempt.


  • When a cell phone or tablet is water/liquid damaged the internal working condition of the device may worsen during or after the repair process. Although our skilled technicians are extremely experienced repairing liquid damaged devices, in rare circumstances, when the device is opened for the first time after water has entered the device, water that may be pooled while the phone is closed tightly can spread to other areas of the device. If this occurs, there is potential to further impact the performance of the device. In these rare incidences, the Giant Panda Technology is not responsible for any damage caused due to this occurrence.
  • We do not warranty water/liquid damaged phones that are repaired through a water cleaning process. If we replace a part that was damaged due to liquid, we will warranty the functionality of the part that we replace under our LIFETIME warranty program, but not the overall functionality of the board or other parts that we did not replace.


  • This crack is only possible due to external damage (i.e., a drop, impact, or pressure put on the screen). 
  • If the LCD is cracked, your display will not work… or not work effectively. Often you will see lines, black spots or the screen will be completely blacked out. 
  • This type of damage is not covered under warranty, as the problem was caused by physical damage. 
  • We only use the highest quality original authentic Samsung LCD displays when we replace a screen.Giant 

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